Become The Man That
Magically Attracts Women...
...and you don't need to be rich,
handsome, or have a famous last name

Hi, I’m Trevis Tee.

I’d like to teach you how to be successful with women by being an alpha man. And what you will learn can stop you from screwing up that ONE opportunity you have when the girl of your dreams finally shows up.

Recently I was at a seminar with some friends.

We looked over when a very attractive young woman entered the room.

We talked about her over lunch and wondered what kind of man she would get into a relationship with.

Other guys at the seminar either did not even dared to look at her or found lame excuses to talk to her. They were never going to get anywhere with her.

I had her eating out of my hand in one week.

How did I do it?
What magical powers
do I have?

You may think that because I've dated that hot woman from the seminar, that I have the good looks of Bradley Cooper, and who is naturally amazing with women.

You are so wrong….

You know that guy in school who asks friend after friend if the cute girl in class is single and whether she would consider him as a boyfriend?

That guy who had absolutely no idea how to talk to girls that he shuts up like a clam when girls are around?

What about that guy who jokes about sex all the time but had no idea how a pair of jugs looked like? I could go on.

I was that guy.

Throughout my early teenage years, I wasn’t someone you would typically call a women’s man.

I was short, skinny, very dark, under constant acne attacks, and self-conscious.

I never even held the hands of my first girlfriend.

We just talked on the phone. And we were in the same class!

I acted like I was cool about the relationship. But beneath my pants, I was supercharged.

We broke up after a mere few weeks.

I didn’t get another girlfriend for some time. And I felt that there was something wrong with me. I was depressed, and those were the years that my hormones were most active.

There were girls that showed me interest, but I was just too picky with them.

I decided that I must change myself to attract the kind of women that I want. And that’s exactly what I did.

After high school, I went to college. And I made friends wherever I go.

I pulled different groups of friends together. I was having a lot of fun. I became the center of the whole social network.

After lessons, I decided where to go and what to do. My friends followed me as I was such fun. I invited people to join me to clubs and chalets. And they came because I was the real deal.

It was the time of my life.

I realized that it wasn’t that I changed myself into someone else.

It was simply because I embraced who I was and gave myself fully to the people around me. I loved to have fun and that's what I brought to the table among other things.

Girls were smiling at me at the sidewalk,

they made lame excuses to talk to me,

invited me to go to the clubs,

they called me at three in the morning asking to come to my place,

girls I don’t know offered their umbrellas for shade when I’m waiting for the traffic lights,

the girlfriend of a good friend even went out with me behind his back.

I had to literally STOP them from advancing on me. The BIGGER my confidence inflated, the more girls tried to get lucky with me.

Shortly after the first year of college, I committed myself to a first real girlfriend. And it was amazing.

She dug up my email from the school database and sent me a message out of nowhere.

She was one of the hottest properties in college.

Every guy in her class tried their luck and failed. I closed her on the first date.

I believed that was a big reason how people that I barely knew quickly looked me up as the alpha male. I was sleeping with the hottest chick and I claimed her in double quick time.

I told myself that I was the best guy around. That was why she’s with me. And that was what I really believed. I was in irresistible top form.

How Things Started

To Go Wrong...

After our honeymoon period, my girlfriend started to disrespect me in front of my friends.

She kicked up big fusses over nothing and subtly controlled everything. I spanked her again and again until it became very tiring for me. I finally caved in and started to let her direct traffic.

After I handed her the control of the relationship, she only became more demanding and unreasonable.

I regretted the decision.

I couldn’t handle her, the situation, and myself.

I was going crazy.

I couldn’t let people see what she was doing to me and I disengaged myself from the pack.

I went back into the hole I lived in before.

I was having regular sex and I thought that it was all that mattered.

When it ended, I was in a real mess.

The final straw came when she lied to me and dated another guy.

I was depressed and I enlisted for the army straight after college.

I could not remember who I was when I attracted her.

I became someone that I couldn’t recognize.

At one point I was looking in the mirror and felt that no woman would be attracted to that guy staring back at me.

I have to become who I was before.

But being in the army doesn’t help in any way.

I was living in hibernation for a few years waiting for that spark to awaken who I was before.

It never happened.

During those years, I dated a few women. But I never got as far as I wanted to.

I found that I had no problem in arousing interest from women.

The problem was that arousing interest was NEVER enough to get to where I want to be with women.

I had lost the invincibility I felt when I was having the time of my life in college years ago.

It finally happened in 2006 when I ran into a quality lady while I was attending night classes for my Degree. (I left the military after 30 months of service)

She was beautiful, smart, purposeful, and easily aroused me.

I had to get her.

I busted her balls and engaged her as if she was just another naughty girl.

I could tell that she was interested, but I didn’t know how to move forward!

Then I labored for her attention and I could tell that I was actually pushing her further and further away from me.

I finally dropped the idea of bedding her as I felt that I was starting to resemble a desperate needy man. That was definitely not who I want to be.

I had to find my way back to who I was.

The Turning Point

I had to figure out how to sort this part of my life out.

How did I mange to attract and sleep with that hot chick those years ago?

How did I annihilate every other suitor who were left chasing a shadow?

I started reading books after books of material on psychology and evolution to understand women better. Books on seduction and mentalism to learn how to seduce women.

Shockingly, I found that a lot of the things I did while I was enjoying success with women were being documented for decades!

I had never classified the things I did as “correct” or “wrong”.

In fact, I made it a point not to repeat the things I did before so that I’m “original”. This was one of my many mistakes.

I also found that a lot of the materials I read validated my beliefs and values as the underlying foundation of every “women’s man”.

"The problem I had was that everyone around me told me otherwise. The movies, my friends, magazines, love stories, etc, all around me created unnatural beliefs within me that are in conflict with my core beliefs and values."

Those unnatural beliefs are causing me to be ashamed of who I am at the very core. And they are causing me the failures with women that I was experiencing.

I decided to screw all those beliefs that came unnatural to me and embrace who I am.

It’s time to change and that time is now.

Then it happened.

Smacked me right in my face was a thunderous profound realization.

Back when I was the top guy in college where I was having the time of my life, I was being myself and sharing the real me with the people around me!

It was only when I stopped being myself that things started to deteriorate.

I realized that... I might actually be a NATURAL!

I started to see things with an eagle eye.

My mentality and behavior changed with this ONE realization.

I should be confident in being myself.

All that crap media that told me to be the nice “stable” guy is conflicting with who I am.

Even better, my readings taught me how I can actually break down the things that I had which attracted women to me!

I have never imagined that this can be broken down into a science.

And I started to consciously practice them systematically.

Two months after I dropped the idea of going after the babe from my Degree course, I hooked up with an even hotter and high quality babe.

She was one of those that is so hot and out of your league that you'd not even think about it.

Yet she threw a pickup line at me while I was at a vending machine.

I took her home within two weeks of on and off dating...

...during which I dropped my Atomic Attraction Bomb on her. (which you will read about on pg.108 of my book)

And she had a “boyfriend”.

I proved that my system works.

And this was just from consciously applying some ideas from my system.

And that was the start of my journey into a life of love and sex…

You probably want a higher level of success with women.

You may be in a situation where you don’t know how to move forward with a woman.

You may also want to have a choice of the women you date.

I can totally understand that.

In fact, your drive to get this part of your life sorted out was probably what led you to this site.

"Most men who dream about success with women DO NOTHING."

They sit in front of the video game console or fiddle with their smart phones every day just waiting for that dream girl that resembles a sex bomb to show up in their lives.

Occasionally, they may run into a woman who is curious about them.

And they don’t get very far with her.

Most guys feel ashamed to admit that they need help with women.

They want to improve their success with women but are not willing to seek help.

It’s like having the flu and refusing to see a doctor to get it treated because it can show others that they are weaklings.

Well I’m glad that you have found your way here.

Because you have found it within yourself to look for the solution to attracting women.

And I’m here to show you that you have found it!

There is an animal inside you that you have caged up.

This animal is what attracts women to men.

And because of the “social rules” we learned about when we grew up,

we have caged it up.

Let me show you what I’m talking about...

Think of the last time you played a game with other people and women were watching.

It could be a game of football or even a card game.

Did you at any point in the game felt that you have to win to show the women who were watching that you were superior to the rest?

You may not even fancy any one of the woman watching.

You may not even like the game you are playing.

But that desire to win to showcase yourself to women was driven by the animal inside you.

A lot of books on relationships talk about how to handle relationships. But they never teach men how to get into one in the first place!

It’s like teaching you swimming in the desert!

To make matters worse, there are a lot of material out there that teaches women how to manipulate men!

Women are way ahead of men in the dating game.

I have learned what attracts women to men and I will show you how to be that man.

To put it simply, they are attracted to alpha men.

Think about this for a moment.
"The captain of an aircraft carrier and the manager of a strip club may both be seen as alpha men. They may have differing traits, attitudes, thinking, outlooks and the way they carry themselves. But many people will agree on both of them being alpha men when they meet them."
Weird huh?

This means that you cannot really define an alpha man.

So how do we become an alpha man when there is no absolute clarity of what makes one?

I solved this equation with my concept of being Top Form.

Even with my successes with women, the people around me find reasons to laugh at my frequent changes in partners.

As far as I’m concerned, they can continue to kiss up to every woman they see while I continue to explore the profiles of women I meet, personally. :)

These are the men who are stuck with one woman and have no other choices.

If only they understand and accept that being a man that naturally attracts women can be a choice.

As I cringe when I see how my friends handle women are losing out, I decided to write down my ideas and systems on being an alpha man for attracting women.

What started as a summary became a full-fledged report.

There were just so much ideas to write about.

And I write it in an easy to understand way.

I talk straight and discuss dating as it is.

I go into the significance of the game you play with your own mind everyday and breakdown the mentality of an alpha man when it comes to dating.

It definitely is not like one of those boring science text books you find in school.

Call it an alpha male blueprint, alpha man cheat sheet or alpha male console.

It is the manual that will show you the way to being an alpha man.

A web designer friend of mine helped me to publish it online and make it available for easy download.

I have named the book “Top Form Alpha Man”.

Instant Download

I’ve learned that the man that women crave for is inside us.

We just have to learn how to release and control it.

Then communicate subtly to women that that animal inside you is alive and kicking.

If you’ve had a number of failures with women and want to get this sorted out, this book will help you.

If you feel that you are already an alpha man, this book will help you become aware of yourself and make you even better.

You may want that hot chick in class or secretary at work.

Heck! You may even want to leave a legacy like Casanova!

However complex your situation is with women. This book will help you.

I’ve broken down all the ideas I’ve learned through years of learning and practice in real life situations.

You can download and read them Immediately in private.

  • The attractive qualities of bad boys that make women want them and how you can use them to your advantage – Page 42
  • Empowering beliefs that you should nail down into your reality so as to project an alpha man - Page 90
  • The traits of a leader and how they may or may not help you - Page 59
  • What does it mean when women say that there is “no chemistry”. And What exactly is missing when there is “no chemistry”- Page 19
  • The attitudes and behaviors that will communicate to women that they are dealing with an alpha man, and how to display them - Page 92
  • Why emotional blackmail is becoming a very common tactic of non-alpha guys to use on women and why it will backfire on you. You could be doing it without realizing... I rate it as the number 1 problem faced by women - Page 86
  • Simple alpha lines to say that subtly communicates to women that “they are being rejected by you because they don’t fit into your standards”. Women will only want you more - Page 75
  • 6 sure-fire ways to handle other alpha men and leaders if they try to steal your girl - Page 62
  • The 5 most common mistakes that men make with women and why they are disastrous. You have to stop doing them - Page 76
  • A technique that will help you exude unwavering confidence like an alpha man in whatever you do - Page 98
  • Tips on making your place an irresistible love nest - Page 143
  • 1 simple technique to get the FULL attention of women while feeling intrigued by you - Page 85
  • A hot girl can easily stand out from a crowd and catch the attention of even the guy preparing a salad in the kitchen. Here’s how you can stand out from a crowd by simply using you body language - Page 47
  • A quick-fire system to get the women you want into bed like an alpha man - Page 125
  • Non-verbal cues that beta men tend to do every day that turn women off instantly and how to overcome them - Page 49
  • A simple technique to communicate an alpha dominance to women and make them want to tear your shirt off on the spot - Page 96
  • What are the qualities that you should communicate to women to make them want you - Page 52
  • How to take a woman home after a date like a real man - Page 142
  • Over 10 behaviors that instantly tells women that they are dealing with a “nice guy” who doesn’t “get it” and how to overcome them - Page 87
  • I list your biggest insecurities about age, money and looks and explain how things are not what you are led to believe - Page 65
  • How to send mixed signals the correct way to create attraction for maximum effect - Page 94
  • How putting down women when they step over the line in a manly way can communicates dominance and calm - Page 100
  • How men are shooting themselves when complimenting women and how to do it right - Page 84
  • 1 simple way to handle your fear of talking to women - Page 111
  • How to handle alpha women - Page 121
  • Why becoming a guy friend with women will not work the way you want it to. And how to stay out of the “friend” category - Page 39
  • Where and how to meet women with an underlying context that is not awkward and women are socially expected to engage you - Page 131
  • Techniques that alpha men use to make women comfortable with them emotionally and physically – Page 137
  • Why every unmarried woman you meet has a “boyfriend”? And why it shouldn’t bother you – Page 30
  • The number ONE belief-driven attitude that creates attraction of atomic proportions. And women don’t have to interact with you to detect it. You simply have to nail this down – Pg. 108
  • How to subtly communicate to women that they are getting the better end of the deal - Page 118
  • And many more ideas and concepts that you can use straight away to get better with women….

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You are going to meet a lot more women in your life.

Some of which you may find attractive, some of them you have no interest at all.

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By the time you muster enough courage to make a move, it might already by too late.

You have officially entered the "friend" zone and can't get out.

The knowledge in this eBook will prepare you for that ONE chance with her. Are you going to let that ONE chance slip away?

One last thing.

I’m really glad that you have read my letter this far.

It tells me that what happened to me in the past when I was lost after many failures with women is not unique only to me.

I tell my story in my book.

I found it within myself to actively find a solution and get this part of my life sorted out. And I think you are at the same place I was years ago.

I’ve been there and I found my way out. And I’m going to show you how…


This investment will probably make the biggest impact on your dating life up till now.

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I really want to help you be more successful with women. I’ve found that I got much closer to a fulfilling lifestyle once I started to consistently attract quality women into my life. I want you to have that too.


If you have any questions about the Top Form Alpha Man eBook Package, just send an email to support [at]

Wishing you success,

Trevis Tee

P.S.“Top Form Alpha Man” will give you an in depth look into the alpha male mind, and teach you how to embrace the real man within you which women find IRRESISTIBLE. When you are finished reading this book, you will have an understanding of yourself, women, and how to attract the types of women you've always wanted. Download it now and read it. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, you can request a refund, keep the book for your own reference, and get your money back.

I assure you that the things that you will learn in my eBook will help you be more successful with women when you apply them. So confident am I of it’s positive impact on your life that I’m giving you a 60 day refund guarantee.

Simply click on the download button and fill up the secure order form. Read the book, and if you don't see results, get your money back within 60 days.

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